Located in the Nation's Capital, Gavin Simone created Pass My Dental Exam in 2014 to serve the needs of aspiring dental professionals from coast-to-coast.  

Mission:  Helping you pass your dental written exam is my only priority!

Vision:  To provide you with courses and support for your Association's written exam. 

By providing you with the most reliable, updated and affordable solution, your written exam becomes more straightforward, easier to understand and less work for YOU!

about us

Background: Gavin has worked tirelessly with aspiring professionals helping them make sense of their exams and other obstacles that stand it their way of achieving their desired career designation.

I have partnered with Diane Grzela, who has a variety of extensive teaching experience with dental assistants and hygienists in Canada. 

You can contact us through the Contact Page.

Gavin Simone - engineering education creator

Gavin Simone