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Next Dental Assisting Exam (NDAEB): June 26 - 28, 2024


3 Common Difficulties

Getting Started

Making that first step can be the hardest.  We recommend you:

  1. Register for the exam with NDAEB.
  2. Read the information in the NDAEB Candidate Handbook carefully and buy the textbook(s).
  3. Select a trusted online course with a proven track record.

Finding the time

Carving out study time within your busy schedule can be tough.  That's why you need to use it wisely.  With 46 domain description topics, self-studying is no longer a smart way to use your time.

Feeling confident

Are you ready for the exam? Do you know the 46 domain description topics inside and out?  Have you tested yourself with tough practice questions and filled your knowledge gaps?

Our Dental Assisting Total Prep Online Course has helped 100s of aspiring dental assistants – like you – drastically improve knowledge to write your exam with confidence.

Scroll inside the laptop to preview course

Here's what you'll receive:

4 to 6 months of access

You can go through the course at your own pace.  Some people use it to start preparing and learning months in advance – others use it as a last minute cramming tool. With 4 months of access, you'll have plenty of time to go through the course.  We'll also remind you 1 week before your access expires, to see if you would like to extend your access for a discounted price.


Pass Guarantee or 100% Refund

We're serious about your success.  We also don't want you to spend money if you don't benefit from it.  So, if you take our course and don't pass, just get in touch for a full refund.

Unlimited attempts of practice questions

With 100 to 220 total multiple choice questions, you'll have plenty to practice and learn from.  You'll also be able to practice the questions an unlimited number of times while your course access is active.  You can practice the entire pool of questions, or if you're time-constrained, a smaller set (e.g. 25 questions).


7 Step-by-step Modules

#1: Welcome and Study Preparation | #2: Building Your Knowledge | #3: Education | #4: Exam Simulation | #5: Re-review | #6: Repeat (& Practice) | #7 Write the 4-hour exam

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like a more efficient way of preparing for their National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) Exam. New graduates must pass this written exam in order to obtain registration or licensure in the following provinces:
• Alberta
• British Columbia
• Saskatchewan
• Ontario
• Manitoba
• New Brunswick
• Prince Edward Island
• Nova Scotia, and
• Newfoundland and Labrador.
Regrettably, NDAEB doesn't release sample/old exams for practising (as this would require a lot of extra work to come up with new questions 4 times a year). Luckily, we are independent of NDAEB and we have developed our own practice questions based on the latest domain description.


Who is your instructor?

Diane is a Self-Initiated Registered Dental Hygienist with 25 years experience in both clinical and teaching facilities. She began her career as a Certified Dental Assistant 30 years ago, where she enjoyed practicing for 4 years. She has devoted the last 8 years to facilitating instruction to both Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant students. Obtaining her Teachers and Trainers of Adults Certificate in 2013, she has worked extensively at developing and implementing stimulating lesson plans, administering and evaluating standardized test and successfully contributing to the development of the curriculum to meet the NDAEB requirements.

You can connect with Diane through our  contact page.

Our philosophy

Every aspiring dental assistant deserves to pass their NDAEB exam with a moderate amount of studying and the use of our step-by-step course.

Course Information

What's covered?

Using a variety of learning methods, this course will develop and test your dental assisting knowledge.
In fact, the entire 46 syllabus topics are covered under the 8 major categories:
• 1. Conduct Appropriate To A Professional Setting ― • 2. Dental Sciences ― • 3. Clinical Support Procedures ― • 4. Patient Records ― • 5. Patient Care Procedures ― • 6. Practice Management Procedures ― • 7. Laboratory Procedures ― • 8. Preventive Procedures
In the course, you will learn about each topic as you move through the 7 steps. Flashcards, domain description summary sheet, video presentations, a quiz and a bank of practice questions are available to you to help you learn the content in different ways.
This proven method of teaching produces much higher information retention rates compared to the exam writer who tries to self-study the material.

What are the requirements?

Each student needs an internet connection and a computer. Owning the recommended textbooks is also strongly encouraged as I refer to them in the course constantly.

How was the course designed?

This course is designed to be:

1. Current with the exam scope and testing requirements.

2. Comprehensive by covering all syllabus exam topics.

3. Simple to follow; just 7 steps in the course laid out on one membership page.
Also, when updating the course, I always reach out to existing and past students to find out what they found challenging about studying for the exam in order to make meaningful updates and improvements.

What am I going to learn from this course?

You will understand all 46 syllabus topics and be better prepared to pass your exam. Since the exam simulator will mark your practice exam and give you a score and feedback, you'll know right away the topics that you understand and those that you need to focus more time on.

Your Roadmap to NDAEB Exam Success

Register for exam & order this course

After you register, read the information information in the NDAEB Candidate Handbook carefully. Order the textbook(s) and sign up for this Dental Assisting Total Prep Online Course.

Build & develop your knowledge

Use our flashcard generator to learn 150 key definitions/concepts that you should understand. You'll quickly learn a variety of important terms, definitions and concepts that will help you do well when faced with challenging multiple choice questions later on.

Continue your learning & exam simulation

Watch over 120 minutes of recorded presentations where I go through all 46 sub-topics, one slide per topic. Then test your knowledge with dozens of multiple choice questions in our question pool.


Based on your exam results, you should know your weakest topics. To improve in those areas, go back to earlier steps in the course to review the syllabus reading sections, educational presentations and flashcard tool to deepen your knowledge. Then try more of our practice questions. Repeat this step until you feel confident.

Write the 4-hour exam

Now that you're fully prepared, arrive early and bring 1 piece of photo ID and your letter of admission. Wait 6 weeks for your results.

NDAEB Exam Simulator

Our NDAEB Exam Simulator allows you to:

  • try 400+ challenging practice questions that follow the current syllabus
  • try the questions an unlimited # of times (as long as your member access is valid)
  • try smaller sets of questions (e.g. 10, 25, 50) depending on how much time you have
  • quickly check if your answers are correct (either at the end of the question or set - your choice)

Here is a 5 question sample quiz:


What past clients have said (publically) about the Dental Assisting Total Prep Online Course:

Don't risk wasting more money and time if you fail this exam. Most people who fail, only fail by a few marks.  

Go from worried & anxious to confident & prepared.
Pick one of the options and get started right away:

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